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Can you imagine having a life better than your dreams?

I had a strange and wonderful day today…

We planned a move to London for my speciality fellowship for years.  It was going to be good for my career and my husband and I had always wanted to live in Europe for a few years.  Now anyone who has undertaken an overseas medical fellowship knows it can be quite a costly exercise often with minimal and at times no pay.  So while we planned to travel and enjoy the experience as much as we could, we planned to live pretty simply.

Today I found myself at an exclusive coaching workshop at The Ritz Hotel followed by a wonderful dinner in a private dining room at the Royal Society of Medicine, where Honorary Fellows have included Charles Darwin, Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, Sigmund Freud, and most recently Prince William!  I tell you this only to demonstrate that by daring to dream big and unapologetically pursue those dreams, sometimes the outcomes and opportunities exceed what you ever imagined.

But that is not even the best part of the day…

As part of my coaching training, I have been working on building a strong and resilient mindset for some time now and I felt secure, happy and that I was in many ways in a better place than I had been in my entire life.

But in todays workshop there was one exercise that hit me like a lightning bolt and brought tears to my eyes.  It suddenly occurred to me for the first time, that I have already achieved pretty much everything I ever dreamt of a child.  If I am honest, probably even more.

But I also realised that I still wasn’t as happy as I thought I was, because I have always given myself shifting targets and bigger and bigger dreams to chase.  This in itself is not a bad thing…except that I used it to make myself feel that I was never quite good enough instead of using it to feel inspired and excited about the future.  Mind blown.

It just shows that mindset work is never finished, and I know that this realisation is going to be key in me taking things to the next level.   It is also thanks to the todays workshop that I even feel comfortable and confident enough to share something like this in a post.

Mindset work is all about training yourself to release thoughts and beliefs that limit what you can achieve and how happy you can be and replacing these with thought processes that will get you where you want to go and beyond.  If you haven’t really heard much about mindset work, it probably all sounds a bit weird, but let me tell you, it is powerful stuff.

This seems a timely place to introduce my new coaching program.  I am excited to launch:

“Chic Balance for Multi-Passionate Professional Women” and

“Chic Balance for Multi-Passionate Professional Women –doctors edition”

This will be a 3 month program that runs from mid-April 2018.  For now this will be run as a one-on-one online coaching program and there will only be 8 places available.

I created this program for high-achieving professionals with multiple passions who want to overcome overwhelm, discover new possibilities, get clear on what they want and design a life that is balanced and fulfilling.  It is for those who are ready to recharge themselves so that they can have a positive impact on others on a whole new level.

What is included:

  1. A workbook each week to fill in (approximately 1-3 hour per week plus time to implement)
  2. A 50 minute private phone coaching session with me each week
  3. Bonus: My reading list of recommended books/resources to complement the modules

Program Modules:

Week 1: Maximise Efficiency: streamline, organise, and strategise

Week 2: Clarify Purpose and Dreams: get really clear on what drives you and what you want

Week 3: Managing Negativity: managing negative thoughts emotions and limiting-beliefs

Week 4: Cultivate Happiness: increase happiness, productivity and success

Week 5: Energise: self-care for busy women

Week 6: Brain Boosting Techniques: cognitive techniques and tools for optimising creativity, problem-solving and making difficult decisions

Week 7: Money Mindset: define your own financial trajectory

Week 8: Multi-Passionate Mastery: Discover a lifestyle framework (or design your own hybrid) that will allow you to pursue your many passions and dreams

Week 9: Custom-design Your Dream Life: here we will use everything covered so far to get really clear on what the life of your dreams would look like

Week 10: Making it Happen: implementing plans and tools to support continued progress

Week 11: Give and Take: getting comfortable with asking for help, being resourceful about where you get help and being able to give something back

Week 12: Beyond the Life of Your Dreams: Using your unique skills and talents to make an even greater difference in the world…

To apply or find out more:

Book a free discovery call here. 

There are only 8 places available.  I will be screening each applicant to make sure we would work well together and that I can really give each person what they need with this program, but otherwise it will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

Talk soon,



Apply here

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