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3 Hacks for Making Inspired Choices

Have you ever had a tricky decision to make, had someone tell you “follow your heart” (or some version of this) and thought in annoyance, “that’s all very well but my heart is not leading me anywhere!”?  Here are three hacks to tune in to what your heart has to say!

  1. Discover your “Purpose”

Can you remember a time when you were so engrossed in something that you worked on it for hour after hour barely able to tear yourself away to eat and sleep?  You will probably be able to identify at least one aspect of what you were doing that you felt passionate about.  And it was in line with an underlying motivation that inspires you, something that makes you come alive, or what some call your “purpose”.  On the flip side, doing things in direct opposition to your core values and your “purpose” are extremely draining.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes YOU COME ALIVE.
Because what the world needs is people who have come ALIVE.” – Howard Thurma

(If you are interested in discovering your “purpose”, I talk through an exercise for just that in this video,  at 18:15 minutes into the video.)

  1. Ask yourself provocative questions

When making an important decision, it can help to work through your thoughts on paper (or in a word document) about the decision at hand.  Try setting yourself questions to provoke thought.  Some questions you could ask are:

Is it in line with my “purpose”?

Does it inspire me?

Do I want to do it? Why/why not?

If I don’t want to do it, will it get me somewhere I want to go?

Do I want to do it for does someone else want me to do it?

  1. Talk to someone (but choose carefully)

Talking to a friend, family member or colleague can be a real help.  Just remember that other people have their own biases, experiences, ideas and impressions of you that might lead them to make suggestions that are not the best for you, however well-meaning they may be.  An alternative is to talk to a coach.  A good coach will ask you questions that you might not have thought of asking yourself and guide you to finding the right answer for yourself.

  1. Go on a reflective walk

There are studies that show that walking and being exposed to nature can boost creative thought.  So try going on a nice stroll or hike to reflect.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sasha XO

PS if you would like to talk to a coach, it just so happens I have a few more appointments this month for a FREE 30 minute session if you haven’t had one already, book here.



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