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Sparkle and Shine –pearls and gems of wisdom on following your own authentic path

Featuring Tina Lang, Founder of Catherine Trenton Jewellery (CTJ)


Follow Your Vein

Tina Lang is now a successful jewellery designer and curator, entrepreneur and career-mum based in Sydney, Australia.  But she started out her journey in a completely different world…a biochemistry lab!   Rewind a few years to when I got to know Tina, and we were giggling over geeky science witticisms (think a girly version of Big Bang Theory) fortifying ourselves with coffee and chocolate in a laboratory atmospherically lit by our Bunsen burners as we worked on our experiments late into the night…  After gaining top marks in her BSc honours degree, Tina put her scientific know-how and her natural networking abilities to good use working in the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2014, Tina also started to pursue another passion of hers –jewellery, and her online jewellery store Catherine Trenton Jewellery (CTJ) was born, specialising in reselling pre-loved jewellery from luxury brands.  After taking a break from the pharmaceutical industry to become a mum, Tina continued to step things up in her business, working away while her son was napping and in January 2018 launched her own line of original CTJ designer jewellery.  Fast forward a few months and Tina continues to receive rave reviews from happy customers who are delighted with their purchases and the personal touch in the service they received.

Pearl 1:   Don’t be afraid to explore your hearts desire.  The fact that it might be completely different to the path you have followed so far doesn’t mean it is not possible to turn it into something amazing.

Curate Your Collections

Today CTJ has two divisions.  The first is a boutique service specialising in reselling pre-loved fine jewellery, and offers an artfully curated collection from luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co, Cartier and Bvlgari.  The pieces are delicate, timeless, the embodiment of understated elegance and aspirational in a way that feels just a little bit magical…

The second division features Tina’s own original designs for CTJ, following the same style-vein of simple elegance and clean lines with just enough sparkly magic to make you feel like a princess.  Let me show you what I mean with my favourite pieces from the current collections…

Gem 1: CTJ Morganite, Diamond and White Gold Earrings by Catherine Trenton Jewellery

Retails at $465.00 AUD

I don’t know about you, but I feel that wearing something all day helps to set the mood for the day for me and how I show up and feel.  The delicate pink stone sparkling amidst the diamonds in these earrings make me think of rose sorbet in a crystal dish, sparkling in the sun at an elegant Sunday afternoon tea party.  The thought of wearing these is like having a little drop of that Sunday afternoon magic on each ear!

Gem 2:  CTJ Yellow Gold Heart “Forever” Earrings by Catherine Trenton Jewellery

Retails at $140.00 AUD

Simple, lustrous and adorably heart-shaped, these earrings remind me of the whimsy of the jewellery I wore as a child, a time when all dreams seemed possible.  But while the design is youthful, the quality craftsmanship makes these earrings utterly grown up.  Perhaps wearing these two heart-shaped drops would help me channel youthful dreams married with grown-up sophistication for the day…

Gem 3: (Pre-loved) Yellow Gold Heart Pendant and Chain by Tiffany & Co.

Retails at $1,050.00

What do you associated with the iconic Tiffany & Co brand?  Audrey Hepburn at her most elegant?  Tantilising turquoise boxes?  Ultimate luxury?  Having “made it”?  How would it feel celebrate a huge success or milestone with something else that you had always dreamt of?  And then how would it feel to wear that reminder against your skin?  Magical right?

In fact I love pretty much everything in the CTJ collections because Tina curates and designs with a strong style identity and the clients who resonate with it will be able to find pieces they fall in love with again and again.

Pearl 2:  There is no need to try to please everyone.  Find what is inspiring, magical and exciting to you will attract people who appreciate and love the same things.


Be Crystal-Clear on Your Core Values

CTJ has maintained a high reputation for authenticity and service.  The CTJ vision is to conserve the original beauty of fine designer jewellery.  Recycling is great for the carbon footprint and I love that.  But in addition, fine jewellery is something that is enduring and of value that you can not only treasure and attach meaning and memories to, but pass on.  Vintage jewellery has a history, from design and creation through to the story of how each owner received, treasured and experienced it.

Pearl 3: Know and stand by your vision and your values.  People will respect and appreciate that.

If you love what you have seen here, you can visit the Catherine Trenton Jewellery website here:

You can also like and follow the Facebook page at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Catherine Trenton Jewellery.  All opinions are my own.

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