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How to make inspiring and non-stressful New Year’s resolutions

Happy holidays!

I hope the last year brought you joy, growth and rich experiences.  2018 was certainly eventful for me and my family with a move back to New Zealand from London after a wonderful career experience. Also, new jobs in the public and private system, and moving into a new home.  I got to travel to some wonderful places, make incredible connections and coach some incredible clients.   Did everything go perfectly? Definitely not.  Was it frustrating to have to put some things  (like regular blog posts for you!) on the back burner while working on making progress in other areas, yes! But that’s life, and I figure progress is progress and definitely something to celebrate however big or small those steps forward might be.  When you look back at your year, I’m sure you too will see that you have achieved a lot across multiple areas, even if you didn’t hit all your targets and goals.  It’s great to aim high, but sometimes we also have to remind ourselves that focusing on some pursuits more while working on other projects more slowly for a period of time is part of being a successful multi-passionate person and not make ourselves wrong for that!

With New Year ringing in, now is a wonderful time to take stock, recharge and prepare to hit the ground with purpose for 2019.  If you have already have made your New Year’s resolutions and if they fill you with excitement, passion and purpose and you can’t wait to get started, amazing job you are going to be unstoppable!  But if you feel in any way daunted, stressed or filled with dread by the the tasks you have set, read on. (By the way, this tip of mine was featured on Ariana Huffington’s platform Thrive Global this week, if you like you can read the whole story here).

It can be liberating and a powerful motivator to reframe the same resolutions as making your dreams come true, rather than punishing yourself with the thought of stressful things to do.  New Year is a time to dream about your deepest desires and how these could become your reality. There is something magical about daring to think about how you could make your dreams come true and making plans to get started on the journey. Even if you have a stressful and daunting goal ahead, such as passing a major exam, remind yourself why you are doing it. What do you want to get out of it? Give yourself permission to get excited about how good it will feel to be on the other side of that obstacle.


Wishing you a purpose-filled, inspired, productive and joyful year



PS: I am running a free 7 day New Year challenge starting tomorrow to help you get the year off to a powerful start.  To join us, sign up to the email newsletter, like the facebook page and/or join the Facebook group.

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