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New Year Momentum challenge -Day 1: Let go of limiting beliefs

This is the first of a 7 day New Year challenge to get 2019 off to a powerful start.  You can do this challenge whether or not you have already made your New Years resolutions. Each day there will be a something different to reflect on and take action on to set yourself up to have purpose and momentum this year.

Day 1. Let go of limiting beliefs

Today we have a journaling exercise to let go of thoughts and beliefs that might hold you back from being your most productive this year.  That might include letting go of regrets and disappointments from the past year, whether that relates to things that have happened or your own progress.  It might include letting go of fears and insecurities that stop you from doing what you really want to be doing, and it may include letting go of an idea, like the idea that self-care is a luxury and something to feel guilty about when actually it is necessary for optimum performance.

Write answers to these questions to get clarity about thoughts and beliefs that could hold you back.

  • What regrets or disappointments do you have about the past year?
  • What does this tell you about what you really want?
  • How can you use this to move forward this year?
  • What would you love to achieve this year? (If you have no idea, you could write that you would love to get clarity on what would inspire, motivate and give you purpose).
  • Do you feel deserving of having your dreams and deepest desires come true? If not, why not?
  • Do you feel capable of making your dreams come true? Why or why not?
  • Are there any thoughts, fears or beliefs that have been holding you back, slowing your progress recently? Are those thoughts or beliefs realistic or exaggerated by fear?  What would happen if you let go of those ideas, either completely or enough to move forward anyway?
  • Any other reflections about things you need to let go of?

Join me again tomorrow for Day 2.



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