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Celebrate your way to even more success: New Year Momentum Challenge Day 7

It’s day 7 of our 7-day challenge and it s time to celebrate.
No, that’s not some cheesy metaphorical thumbs up, it’s actually a powerful mindset technique and your Day 7 task!
In the very first group coaching program that I was part of, we had “celebration Friday”.  Every Friday, our coach would ask us to post in our Facebook Group our wins for the week.  What we had achieved, and wonderful thing that had happened that week.  We had to develop the habit of coming up with something to celebrate, no matter how small.  The act of sharing our wins with others was itself a celebratory practice and we were also encouraged to do something else to celebrate; whether it was having a bubble bath, drinking a toast at home or going out for a coffee.
And you know what?  This simple practice had the power to transform a crappy week, at least in my mind, into one that was “challenging but productive”.  It can be so easy to feel like you are drowning in work, treading water in ever-increasing tasks and feel like you are never getting anywhere.  But when you make a point of finding something to celebrate, you realize that in fact you have made progress.  It’s both reassuring and motivating.
What’s more, have you ever realized you have achieved a major goal only to feel that it was an anti-climax, and you are not as happy as you expected? That might be because you have not trained your mind to allow yourself to really feel happy and celebrate.  But when you practice celebration regularly on a small scale, when you hit those major milestones you will know how to really enjoy them!
So… your journaling questions for today:
1. What are your wins for this week?
2. Who can you share them with?
3. How will you celebrate them?
If you have done all the tasks in this challenge,  I sincerely congratulate you on your commitment.  Working on your own development and your dreams is at the core of expanding your potential and making an even bigger impact in the world than you already are.  Even if you have only read some of the emails, thank you for putting in the time to explore the concepts (and there is still time to go back and do the tasks for maximum benefit!).
I wish you the very best as you gain momentum towards your dreams and goals and change this world for the better!
PS:  keep your eye out for a special announcement tomorrow…
PPS: if you are still not completely clear on what your dreams are, let alone how to fit them in or move forward with them, then tomorrow’s announcement is definitely for you too!



Celebrate success regularly

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