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New Year Momentum Challenge Done! And a special announcement…

Thank you for joining me for the New Year Momentum Challenge! It has been an honor to share the start of 2019 with you.  The acronym to remember all those tips for momentum is LET’S GO Celebrate!
Let go of past regrets and limiting beliefs
Energy: have more by managing emotional and mental energy drains
Time: take yours back by stop mundane tasks from taking over your life
Setting long, short and medium term goals for optimum productivity
Gratitude practices to increase opportunities
Obstacles are a normal part of the journey -the trick to bounce back quickly
Celebrate success -it’s good conditioning for creating even more success
And on that note, I am pleased to announce… for the very first time anywhere… that I am opening a new group program for multi-passionate (people with multiple interests and talents) professionals (especially medical professionals)!.
3 months of weekly work-books and practical tasks and weekly group video-call coaching sessions to help you live as your most productive and vibrant self, get clear on what you want and move rapidly towards it, even and ESPECIALLY if you want a lot of different things.
If you enjoyed the 7 day challenge and want more, if you are still not clear on how to fit your big dreams into your current lifestyle or are not even clear what they are,  please book a call to find out more and discuss whether the group program would be right for you!
Talk soon,
PS: For doctors , the program investment may be claimable with your hospital as CME.

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