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Multi-passionate secrets: how to stop mundane tasks from taking over your life part two…

We are well into 2019 now! Having moved back to New Zealand a few months ago after almost 2 years in London, after a big push before Christmas we have finally unpacked everything that we shipped back and everything that was here in storage, but have been a bit slow to organise everything into place.  This week I decided to hire a Home Organiser.   Someone who comes into your house and helps you organise your things, get rid of stuff you don’t really need, and generally set up your home so that it is easy and efficient to keep tidy.

Maybe you think this sounds great but something that you couldn’t possibly pay someone else to do, or maybe you think it sounds lazy or excessive. Those thoughts certainly did cross my mind.  But in the end I ultimately decided that as much as I would love to be able to do everything myself, my way, I can’t possibly do everything that I want to do as well as everything that I initially think that I “should” do!

As a multi-passionate, someone who is energised and happiest doing a lot of different things, I am loving being able to work as a reproductive and general endocrinologist in private, as an obstetric physician in public, as a coach to incredible high-achieving multi-passionate clients (I’ll be introducing some of them in some of the next few emails), work on new products and business strategies, take online courses for my own development and yet be able to spend quality time enjoying this wonderful Kiwi summer  with my family and friends.  But I know I can’t do it alone.  It is even more important for us mult-passionates who are trying to fit a million things in to be able to keep mundane tasks minimised and productivity optimised.

This year, other than hiring an organiser, I have hired a cleaner, have arranged weekly deliveries of pre-planned meal kits and day-care for my son.  I also have mentors and coaches to help me continue to push myself and perform at my best.  But it certainly hasn’t always been financially possible to have all of this help, and some decisions (like sending my son to daycare) have been harder than others.  But where ever you are in terms of being able to afford paid help, embracing and celebrating that there are things that you can delegate is key to creating the multi-faceted life of your dreams. 

What is one thing you could delegate starting now, so that you have more time to focus on the people and pursuits that are important to you?



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