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3 Ways to Recharge and Boost Mood During Lockdown

Try the quiz below to find the self-care approach suited to you right now, and then choose from the suggested activities (or come up with your own), and try the mindset adjustment to maximise the metal and emotional recharging benefits!

Quick quiz
If you’re feeling:
-Sad or drained? Skip to the “sugar” section
-Flat or bored? Focus on the “spice” section
-Unhealthy: the “nourish” section is for you

1. 🍰Sugar: From drained to refreshed
During busy and emotionally draining times it’s important to prioritise time to enjoy things that bring you fun and comfort.
⭐️Action: Re-watch your favourite feel-good movie, have a backyard picnic, take a bath fragranced with a delicious scent, or bake your favourite childhood cookies.
⭐️Mindset mantra: Think “I am fully immersed in this moment”. Savour your chosen activity and give it your full attention. Allowing worries to encroach will continue to drain you mentally and emotionally. But taking a complete break by losing yourself in something fun can help you feel refreshed.

2. 🌶Spice: from flat to inspired
If you’re feeling flat and restless, get creative on how to stimulate your mind and senses and even get out of your comfort zone. It can be done, even in lock-down!
🔥Action: You could learn a new language online, watch a movie from a genre you normally wouldn’t, take the first step in launching a new business idea, cook something exotic from a cuisine you have never tried, brainstorm ways to use your skills help those in need at this difficult time. If all else fails, try actual spice -Mexican food and a chilli-eating contest once successfully snapped me out of a flat mood!
🔥Mindset mantra: Think “discomfort is good”. Stretching out of your comfort zone comes with growth, whether in the form of learning a new skill, an experience to draw on or confidence in your ability to handle something new.

3. 🥗Nourish: from stale to hale
When you’re busy and exhausted, the last thing you need is stress about what you are not doing in terms of your diet, sleep and exercise. Instead, just focus on the one thing you need the most and start with a little of that.
🌿Action: If you have trouble going to bed early try moving bedtime bed 30min earlier at first. If you have trouble exercising consistently, start with a 5 minute online workout video -anyone can find 5 minutes each day!
🌿Mindset mantra: Think “I get to do these things to take care of myself” not I need to or I should. Shift from feeling bad about not having a perfectly healthy lifestyle to enjoying what you can do for yourself to stay healthy and productive.

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