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Ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong and world seems to be against you?!  And the more irritated that you get, the worse it gets? One morning this week, I was feeling under the weather and everything I did seemed to take more time and effort than usual.  So I […]


What do you call those of us who have multiple interests, passions and talents?  Terms which have been used include multi-passionate, generalist, renaissance person…Author and TEDx speaker Emile Wapnik calls us “multipotentialites” or “Puttylike (adj.): Able to embody different identities and perform a variety of tasks gracefully”. Emilie interviewed many multi-potentialites to see how they […]


Who hasn’t heard of tidying guru Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series, read one of her best-selling books on decluttering and home-organising or tried her folding methods to maintain a perfectly tidy underwear drawer? (Now you know what I was doing this weekend!). At the heart of the Marie’s decluttering and organising method is the “spark […]


I know that you know that meditation, exercise and self-care time should be great for stress relief.  But sometimes adding things on top of everything else can be a source of more stress and guilt!  So here are three ways to reduce stress working with what we’ve already got! Don’t let stressors lurk in the […]


We are well into 2019 now! Having moved back to New Zealand a few months ago after almost 2 years in London, after a big push before Christmas we have finally unpacked everything that we shipped back and everything that was here in storage, but have been a bit slow to organise everything into place.  […]


Thank you for joining me for the New Year Momentum Challenge! It has been an honor to share the start of 2019 with you.  The acronym to remember all those tips for momentum is LET’S GO Celebrate! Let go of past regrets and limiting beliefs Energy: have more by managing emotional and mental energy drains […]


It’s day 7 of our 7-day challenge and it s time to celebrate. No, that’s not some cheesy metaphorical thumbs up, it’s actually a powerful mindset technique and your Day 7 task! In the very first group coaching program that I was part of, we had “celebration Friday”.  Every Friday, our coach would ask us […]


If you’ve completed all the tasks in the challenge so far and are gaining momentum towards your goals, fantastic work!  Now let’s do a bit of preparation for maintaining momentum even when things get tough. Set-backs, obstacles and failure are a normal and expected part of the journey whenever we are pursuing a major goal.  […]


Gratitude practices have been on trend for some time now.  If you find the whole idea irritating, I get it –it grated on me too!  My feelings about the word were best demonstrated by a quote from the animated movie Anastasia where Anya has big dreams of finding her family but the orphanage mistress says […]


Having big picture dreams, short-term to do lists and medium-term milestones in between are all equally important for optimising momentum towards your goals.  The big dreams are for inspiration, motivation and joy! Many of us also find that day-to-day to do lists and schedules are helpful in helping us feel organised and to keep moving […]

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