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This is the first of a 7 day New Year challenge to get 2019 off to a powerful start.  You can do this challenge whether or not you have already made your New Years resolutions. Each day there will be a something different to reflect on and take action on to set yourself up to […]


Happy holidays! I hope the last year brought you joy, growth and rich experiences.  2018 was certainly eventful for me and my family with a move back to New Zealand from London after a wonderful career experience. Also, new jobs in the public and private system, and moving into a new home.  I got to […]


Have you ever had a tricky decision to make, had someone tell you “follow your heart” (or some version of this) and thought in annoyance, “that’s all very well but my heart is not leading me anywhere!”?  Here are three hacks to tune in to what your heart has to say! Discover your “Purpose” Can […]


When you are following your passions, work doesn’t feel like work anymore and energy abounds! I had the delight of chatting with the effervescent Nivedita Lakhera who is a perfect example of this.  A physician, philanthropist, public speaker, artist and award-winning poet who is also developing a digital healthcare product she exudes passion and energy. […]


Do you consider yourself decisive? Being decisive is often said to be one of the traits of the world’s most successful people. But until recently, I misunderstood why, and I never understood how this fact could help those of us who are “not naturally decisive”. I was recently part of a group coaching session with […]


I  had the opportunity to talk to the lovely Dr Katie Deming about how she balances and enjoys her roles as a full time physician, and entrepreneur who developed a line of lingerie for breast cancer.  I and wanted to share her insights and experiences with you! Katie is a full-time radiation oncologist and, in […]


I don’t like to waste time.  If I don’t consciously take the time to relax I can be guilty of packing every waking minute of the day with tasks, sometimes several at a time.  But occasionally an entire day can go by and I don’t get around to finishing that research paper draft or sending […]


I have always hated the cliché “fake it till you make it”.  Why in the world would anyone want to be a fake?  It sounds so deceptive.  Or is it just a funny way to saying “act confident” even if you don’t feel confident so you don’t ruin your credibility and make people think you […]


Marcia Wieder is a best-selling author, TED speaker, CEO of Dream University, repeat guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. Marcia’s book Making Your Dreams Come true (also available as an Audible audio version) is a blueprint for finding your personal purpose, which will underpin and guide the dreams you pursue, how to live following your […]


So you have an incredible vision of something that you want.  Good on you.  You are special, and strides ahead of anyone who accepts an unhappy existence, not daring to dream of something better.  But what do you do when it doesn’t seem to be happening?  Maybe you know that you haven’t put  in a […]

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