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that are not being fully used, and that bothers you! You know you are capable of so much more! Maybe you’re feeling like there isn’t enough time to achieve all that you desire. Maybe you were were told you could only follow only one your passions...But there is another way, and I have created just the program to show you how. If you're ready for the next step, let's create the life of your (many) dreams! 

 The Multi-passionate

You have a successful career but have many more talents and passions

My 90 day Signature Program

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You know you have so much wisdom, expertise and experience that others can benefit from -you'd love to be a coach!  This program is especially designed for doctors and executives who want to build a coaching business alongside what they already do. 

Not sure where to start or even what kind of coach you want to be?   
This program has you covered.

 The Side-Hustle Coach

You are great at what you do and you would be an amazing coach too! 

4 month Premium Program

In this 2 hour intensive we work one-on-one  on your specific goal to get clear on what might  be holding you back from the rapid success that you are capable of, get clarity on how to take the next steps forward. 

 The Bespoke cocktail Intensive

Have a taste for something specific?

Curated just for you

Investment: $800 USD

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This package includes a guide book packed with tips and techniques for getting our head in the zone to put your best foot forward in that important interview.  Then we  put these into practice in a 1 hour one-on-one coaching session.  You work on what we covered and then we finish off with a  1 hour mock interview.  

Additional sessions can be added upon request.

The INterview Intensive

Have a high-stakes interview coming up ?

2 hour coaching package

Investment: $800 USD

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Your premium coaching package has been designed to bring you the best of everything I have studied, experienced, tried and tested in a package that feels inspirational and wildly exciting.  Immerse yourself in the coaching experience and discover your explosive creative capacity, a sustainable portfolio career if that's what you desire, effective ways to work smarter, play to be invigorated and relax more fully.     


working with ME

Are you ready to explore how much more is in store for you?