that are not being fully used, and that bothers you! You know you are capable of so much more! Maybe you’re feeling like there isn’t enough time to achieve all that you desire. Maybe you were were told you could only follow only one your passions...But there is another way, and I have created just the program to show you how. If you're ready for the next step, let's create the life of your (many) dreams! 

 The Multi-passionate

You have a successful career but have many more talents and passions

This is a 90 day program for executives and doctors with multiple interests and talents who want to continue along their current career path and also get clear on how to simultaneously build on their other passions sustainably and effectively. 

We believe in lazy mornings, short breaks, long kisses, and moments that feel like they go on forever.

Adventure is the cure for anything that ails you, but it's somehow also true that there's no place like home with the one you love.

Dear multi-talented super-hero,
I know that you are intelligent, compassionate, accomplished and successful. Yet you know that you are meant for even more. You have overcome so much to be where you are now, but maybe you don’t have as much time as you’d like to pursue and develop your many passions and talents.
You’d love to have more quality time with family and friends, and the financial freedom to give even more than you do already.

You may also have the sneaking suspicion that given the opportunity, you could use your many talents to make a positive difference on an even bigger scale. You have a deep desire to serve others, but at times the pressures of the daily grind threaten to extinguish your light. Somehow, your reality is out of alignment with your dreams.

You might love many elements of your job, but the long hours, workload, and high stress situations can take their toll. You may be exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.
You want to start each day feeling refreshed and enthusiastic and to have the time and energy for all the people and projects that are important to you. You wonder if that’s too much to ask? Well, I can tell you it’s not, and it is possible to live this way!
 I’ve done it and so can you.

Here’s the thing…you have to believe it is possible for you to create the life of your dreams and then arm with yourself with the tools to make it happen. 

My wish is for you to start each day inspired, filled with enthusiasm for the life you have created, and see how deeply this change in you positively affects everyone in your life.
I believe that you can build on your success, live the life you dream of, and use your talents to do even more amazing, wonderful things than you already are.

And most of all, do you desire to… 

 A life where you work on your own terms and find it fulfilling
 Ample time and energy for those you love
 Freedom from financial constraints and worries
 The freedom to explore your potential and use your skills and        talents in many different areas
To always have people you can turn to for advice, inspiration, and practical help
To have purpose and feel passionate about everything that you do

do You desire

the problem

You have invested a lot of time, energy and resources into your career, and despite being successful, there are aspects of your work life that you don’t love. Maybe it’s long hours, or excessive administrative work, stressful interactions or situations. Perhaps you’re dealing with difficult people, feel trapped by your schedule, exhausted and overwhelmed. You may have that sinking feeling that none of these things are going to get better any time soon...  If you are ticking a lot of these boxes, don’t despair,

So I designed the multi-passionate professional coaching program for you to bring your true desires into clear focus, design a plan to make it happen and transform your mindset to  stay the course even when fears and insecurities threaten to slow your progress.

My wish for you

 I’ve created this program to show you how it’s possible to create the life you really want…even if you don’t know what that looks like yet!

 Take care of those you love, be your happiest, most productive self, and make a major difference in the world.

Your most important take-aways will be

MINDSET BREAKTHROUGHS: You will learn to recognise the thoughts and perspectives that have been stopping you from taking your career and life to the next level. You’ll learn powerful techniques to replace negative habits with the kind of positive thinking that will make you unstoppable.

PURPOSE: We will get really clear on what it is that drives you and how to harness this to make choices that will help to make your dreams come true.

ENERGY AND PRODUCTIVITY AMPLIFIED: You will find that when you live in alignment with your purpose and your true passions, work doesn’t feel so much like work anymore. You will have more energy to take care of yourself and others

A BLUEPRINT FOR CREATING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS: We will dig deep to discover your deepest desires and design your dream life. Then you will create a plan so you can get started on that path right away.

NEW WAYS TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: Devising a plan to fit in your many passions is going to require some creative thinking. And we can explore innovative, unique ways you could use your diverse skill set to have a massive impact. We’ll use some creativity-boosting techniques to help this process.

This is going to be a fascinating journey of self-discovery and growth. You’ll gain clarity on how you can take your career and life to the next level and tools that you can use for a lifetime.

You will receive:

This 3-month online program with live phone sessions will guide you to experience massive personal growth and help you discover how to realign your reality with your dreams.

The program details

A video each week to watch (or listen to while you wash the dishes, make school lunches, wait for your toddler to go to sleep…)
A workbook each week to fill in (approximately 1 hour per week plus time to implement)
A 50-minute phone coaching session each week
Access to the Facebook group where you can network with others, share your challenges, collaborate, give and receive advice and celebrate your successes

A printable planner to complement the 5-layer organizational system I developed to enabled me to take 3 business courses simultaneously, work a full-time job, parent a 2 year old, build my business from having no idea what it would look like to a successful launch, and still have time for weekend outings, getting through a self-development book a week, watching the occasional movie and lovely holidays away…all within 6 months. 

and some very special bonuses...

Tips, techniques and reflective questions to help you get clarity on what is important to you and ultimately what to do when you come to a fork in the road...

The Productivity Cocktail Day Planner



Book List

My curated list of recommended books and resources to complement the modules 

A personalised 30 minute EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) intensive session when you book the one-on-one coaching program 


Tips to Making Difficult Decisions Guide Book 


EFT Intensive

The program Modules

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Maximise efficiency:

streamline, organise, and strategise 

Clarify purpose and dreams: 

get really clear on what drives you and what you want 

Managing negativity:

managing negative thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs 

Cultivate happiness:

increase happiness, productivity, and success 


boost and channel your energy for optimum productivity

Unleash your creative genius:

cognitive techniques and tools for optimising creativity, problem-solving, and making difficult decisions

Money Mindset:

define your own financial trajectory 

Multi-passionate mastery: 

design a lifestyle framework that will allow you to pursue your many passions 

Custom-design your dream life: 

here we use everything covered so far to get really clear on what the life of your dreams would look like 

Making it happen: 

start implementing your plan and discover techniques to support continued progress 

Give and take: 

get comfortable with asking for help, get resourceful about where to find it and giving  back

Beyond the life of your dreams:  

using your unique skills and talents to make an even greater difference in the world… 

This is not a surface-level program. It provides guidance, practical tools and accountability for a complete lifestyle transformation…


One-on-one packages start from $4000 USD, Group program packages start at $2000 USD. Installment plans available.

To discuss if the Multi-Passionate Program is right for you you can

book a complimentary Consultation call here 


what happens when you book a call

Because I am looking to work with clients who are ready to get maximum benefit out of the Multi-Passionate Professional package, not everyone who applies is accepted into the program. So when you book your consultation call you will be asked to fill in a short questionnaire and on the call we will discuss whether the program would be a good fit for you. 

If we both agree it’s a fit, I will provide you with payment options and  I (or my assistant) will email you a contract to review and sign. Once payment has been received and you have returned the signed contract, we will send you your welcome pack and first module.

This is not a theoretical course. It is not about learning information or being told what to do. This is a deep-dive of a process to draw out the insights and answers you already have inside you. It is also about giving you a range of practical tools to choose from and experiment with to find out what works for you.
The program is designed especially for multi-passionate doctors and executives. It will guide you to make real changes, step-by-step, help you build resilience, and get on the path to having pretty much everything you want (even if you are not entirely sure what that is right now). 


Your dream life will be custom-designed by the person who knows you best–you! 

With online access, the program is designed to fit flexibly into your busy schedule.

We believe in lazy mornings, short breaks, long kisses, and moments that feel like they go on forever.

Adventure is the cure for anything that ails you, but it's somehow also true that there's no place like home with the one you love.

I'd love to for you to apply if you are:  

Ready to get clear on what your dream life would look like and start on the path to creating it

Prepared to make major changes to extend yourself to new heights (although it’s ok if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted right now –that is what we are going to change!)

Wanting to be able to give back and serve without feeling drained

Wanting to make a major difference in the world and prepared to act on this desire

is it you? 

My Promise to You

During this program, you will get more than information. When you delve into the course work you will experience new insights and discover tools that you can use to transform your own life. You will be more aware than ever of your true potential and power. You’ll finish knowing you have what it takes to create the life of your dreams and make a major difference in the world.

So, shall we get started? 

Do you want to be your best version yet, and push the boundaries of what is possible for you? Do you want to reach beyond your dreams and be more productive and full of energy? Do you want to bounce back from set-backs more quickly than ever before? Believe me, you can. And right now you have a choice.

Apply for the Multi-Passionate Professional program and discover life of a whole new level.

Apply Now

Note: applyng for the program does not commit you to taking the program -it is a chance for us both to decide if  would be a good fit for you. 

book a complimentary call to discuss which Premium Package is right for you

Your premium coaching package has been designed to bring you the best of everything I have studied, experienced, tried and tested in a package that feels inspirational and wildly exciting.  Immerse yourself in the coaching experience and discover your explosive creative capacity, a sustainable portfolio career if that's what you desire, effective ways to work smarter, play to be invigorated and relax more fully.     


working with ME

Are you ready to explore how much more is in store for you?