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Read this and never make a wrong decision again

Do you consider yourself decisive?

Being decisive is often said to be one of the traits of the world’s most successful people. But until recently, I misunderstood why, and I never understood how this fact could help those of us who are “not naturally decisive”.

I was recently part of a group coaching session with entrepreneur Bob Heilig. When explaining the secret to his success, Bob (who went from being so broke he had to liquidate his retirement savings in 2015 to making multiple millions in 2017) says “I implement 10 times faster than other people.”  He went on to explain that people often get the wrong impression from this, assuming that he acts quickly because he really knows what he is doing.  “Actually”, he says, “I implement because I am unsure”.

The reason that decision-making is key in the rise of so many seemingly overnight successes is not that they make more “right” decisions or that they are any more savvy about the “right” way to go about things than anyone else… It’s that they are prepared to fail (and often do so spectacularly before they achieve huge success).  People like Bob will quickly make a decision and if they realise it was the “wrong” one they quickly make another decision to course-correct.  By this time not only are they heading in the right direction but they have learnt something, putting them 2 steps ahead of the person who is still sitting on the fence.

So, unless you deliberately make a choice that leads to some form of certain death (there are some choices which are obviously a really bad idea…) every choice is an opportunity to learn something and move forward.  Therefore, as long as you are prepared to bounce back, learn and move forward from temporary set-backs, you need never make a “wrong” decision again.

Is there anything you want to decide on this week?



PS: I know that sometimes the block to moving forward can be not even knowing what the options are in order to make a decision.  That’s why I am offering free one-on-one 30-minute “break-through-in-clarity” laser coaching sessions this month.  This is completely free, I would just appreciate a little feedback at the end about what was helpful and not.  Choose a session-time here

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  1. Meena says:

    I would highly recommend trying the “break-through-in-clarity” call, to anyone in the midst of decision-making. Dr Sasha is an excellent listener & helps you get to the core of your decision making. Sometimes, we need someone to TELL US what we ‘already know’ deep down inside. The dedication Dr Sasha has in helping you with yourself (literally), is sincere, very pleasant & notably personal.
    No regrets, guaranteed!

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