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Multi-Passionate Inspiration: Interview with Dr Katie Deming

I  had the opportunity to talk to the lovely Dr Katie Deming about how she balances and enjoys her roles as a full time physician, and entrepreneur who developed a line of lingerie for breast cancer.  I and wanted to share her insights and experiences with you!
Katie is a full-time radiation oncologist and, in this video, shares her journey from helping her patients modify their undergarments when their skin became sensitive after radiation therapy in clinic, to launching her own line of lingerie for breast cancer patients,  to having her collection shown at New York Fashion week.
We talked about all sorts of things from staying balanced when you are a full time clinician with interests outside of medicine, to handling resistance/negativity from collegues when you break the mould and do something unconventional, to the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship (which unlike medicine) has anything but a prescribed path!

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