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5 Causes & Tips for Procrastination

Do you ever find yourself dragging your feet when it comes to getting things done? 

Take this quick quiz to figure out why it might be happening, and then read the corresponding tips to power up your productivity again!

  1.  Are you dreading the task itself?
  2. If the goal requires consistent action, are you unsure whether you want to commit to that right now?
  3. Has procrastinating has become a habit/recurring pattern?
  4. Are you not sure of the best way to start?
  5. Do you feel paralysed by the overwhelm of too many things to do?

Here are the hacks!

  1. Conquering the Dreaded the Task
  • reflect on why you are resisting the task and then put it in perspective! 
  • do the task as soon as you think of it, or if that is not possible, schedule a time to do it as soon as practicable.  The longer you put it off the more the dread and size of the task seems to grow in the mind…but conquer it and you’ll feel ready to tackle anything!
  1. Commitment to Consistency
  • try journaling on any fears you might have about committing and then address them with logical solutions 
  • sometimes the issue is not being fully clear on the big vision -what is really possible through all of your efforts.    Try visualising (in great, specific, multisensory detail!),  what it would look like to achieve your goal.
  1. Hacking the Procrastination Habit
  • Create a new habit by doing whatever you are procrastinating on first, as early in the day as possible.  Don’t get caught up in a long list of things to do, just pick that one thing that you want to move ahead with and do it.  Then when you have made progress on that, you can think about the other things to do!  
  • If you still have trouble, then some deeper work might be needed.  Habits are ingrained in the subconscious mind and this is much more powerful than the intentions of your conscious mind -you can only consciously focus on a certain intention for a short period of time, then you need to move onto doing other things.  However the subconscious mind can maintain habits 24/7!  One way to start to retrain your subconscious mind is a mantra.  Come up with a phrase that sums up the new habit you want and set up prompts  to reflect on it eg. repeat it at intervals during the day, post it above your desk, use it as a screen saver, make a voice recording and use it as an alarm…
  1. Clarity About Where to Start
  • Take action and clarity will come.  This may involve some research or getting some advice about the next step to take, or it might involve just trying an approach and seeing if it works.  Whatever it is, if the answer hasn’t become clear by thinking about it, it’s time to DO something about it.   
  1. Strategy for Overwhelm Overload
  • Make a master to-do list or lists so you can see everything in front of you that needs to be done.  Every day make a separate list of urgent things that need to be done right away and then tick them off your main list.

If you’d like a more comprehensive strategy for boosting productivity across multiple projects, you are welcome to a copy of my free ebook on productivity for multipassionates: you can get a copy here.

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